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Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker provides an excellent way to enjoy charming music and exquisite sound quality. They come from a wide range of products, which contains a variety of products, these products have different attributes, including physical size, design, sound output, color, and other characteristics. This huge choice. Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker enables every shopper to find the most suitable product to meet their needs.

Description Compatibility

Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker product features

Cube wireless Bluetooth speakers have attractive discounts, and relative to their value, they have irresistible affordability. They exhibit the typical characteristics of a beautiful sound, such as amazing low-frequency extension, bringing extraordinary bass and notes. The precise frequency response allows them to produce precise sound quality with detailed bass and tone. This makes them versatile.
Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker is made of sturdy materials, making it sturdy and durable, while providing first-class performance. It is easy to install and achieve its purpose because the manufacturer will incorporate the user guide. They are ready to connect with various devices (including TVs, mobile phones, and flash drives) for entertainment. Their elegant design makes them more attractive and at the same time complements the physical appearance of the space used.

Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker product parameters

Product name: Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker
Material: ABS with the rubber painting surface
Support Bluetooth, TF card, Aux-in, Hands-free call
Specifications: Bluetooth Version: V4.0
Working distance: ≤10 meters
Output power: 3W
Response Frequency:40 Hz – 20KHZ
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 75 dB
Distortion: ≤5%
Built-in rechargeable 350Mah battery
Playing time: 5 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
Color: Black, White, red, blue, green, yellow

Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker application

Cube wireless Bluetooth speaker can be used as a suitable sound output for movies, music, and other content.

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