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Micro Pico USB Flash Drive

Super thin and small size.Better water-proof and shock resistance function.

Flash chip is assembled on board together with controller, solution and accordingly software tackling.The assembled board can be used for whole USB flash drive function, also can be put almost USB flash drive cases.Based on this production procedure, the defect ratio is pretty few and the quality is more stable than regular SMT production.

Description Compatibility

Micro Pico USB Flash Drive product features

1.The design of USB flash disk appearance is novelty and fashion.
2.Suitable for computers and all electronics with USB ports
3.USB interface: USB 2.0
4.Capacity: 64MB to 32GB (optional)
5.Operating humidity: 20% to 90%
6.Supports boot-up: USB Zip and USB-HDD
7.High speed to read above 8MB/s.
8.Hot plug and play