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Single Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Single Bluetooth wireless earphone has good appearance and performance, petite figure, polished car paint texture, appearance level great, equipped with intelligent Bluetooth 5.0 chip, more powerful performance.
Invisible earphone one-click control, the left, and right ears can be worn without flashing lights and can switch up and down.
Single Bluetooth wireless earphone has no flash when in use, the front is barely visible from the ear, on/off, pairing with flashing light reminder, easy to use. After a successful connection, it is easier to hide without flashing lights when talking or listening to music.

Description Compatibility

Single Bluetooth wireless earphone product features

Single Bluetooth wireless earphone has Lager-capacity batteries, listen to songs for 6 hours, built-in 60mAh large battery, combined with energy-saving circuit and high-performance low-power consumption Xingping full of electricity can listen to songs for 6 hours or call 8 hours in a row.
Function one key control, one-click intelligent control, music status single-player/pause, double click switch next song, three strokes to switch on a song, call when the single answer/hang up.
The full frequency speaker unit, listen to the music transparent layer,8mm NdFeB full frequency unit with composite polymer diaphragm, the whole range of levels clear, uniform coherent, bright treble, medium round, bass powerful, with strong music expression.
High sensitivity microphone, the call is as clear as a conversation, DPS rapid noise reduction and sensitive microphone tacit cooperation, can identify voice and ambient noise, reduce noise, improve speech clarity, even if the environment is noisy, clear voices can also be heard.
Wear both ears, firm fit for lasting comfort, ergonomics side into the ear design, the small body was easily hidden in the ear, give your ears a more comfortable, fit and stable wearing experience, soft silicone, ear cap, effective noise blocking, but also to enhance the bass effect.
Chinese and English voice prompts, support iOS remaining battery display, voice reminder to help you quickly complete the operation, automatic number calling, support iOS remaining power display, not afraid of temporary power.

Single Bluetooth wireless earphone product parameters

Product name: Single Bluetooth wireless earphone
Certification: FCC
Style: TWS (True Wireless Stereo)
Use: Mobile Phone, Gaming, Sports, Travel, PROFESSIONAL, For iPod
Function: Noise Cancelling, Microphone
wireless Standard: wireless v5.0
Materials: ABS+PC+UV
Frequency: 20Hz~20kHz
Voltage: 3.7V
Earbud battery: 60mAh
Fast Charging: 1.5-2 hours

Single Bluetooth wireless earphone application

Single Bluetooth wireless earphones can be used in buses, residential places, subways, gyms, shopping places, offices, streets, and other places according to different use occasions. It can be used in a wide range of applications.

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