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Swivel Smartphone USB Flash Drive

Swivel Smartphone USB Flash Drive is refreshing, although it comes to head is just a data storage tool, but it can feel to hide a lot of depth R & D in the product. You know, it is very hard to achieve cross-platform thing, kdata mobile U disk is a removable storage device is currently the only one able to achieve cross-platform data exchange, and patented, real mobilephones, computers without barriers. Completely for us to solve the complicated problem of data transfer, backup, can directly exchange files.

Description Compatibility

Swivel Smartphone USB Flash Drive product features

Size: 68 x 20 x 11 MM

Weight: 18 g

Compatibility: Windows XP / Windows 7 / OS X,

Storage space: 4GB/8GB / 16GB / 32GB

The middle of a metal material, two transparent cap

The bulk as a standard USB interface, can be connected to the computer, a small head for a micro usb interface, can

connect to mobile phones

System Requirements: Andrews and other mobile phone intelligent systems


Note: This product can not be used as a transmission line, need to hardware support for OTG function of smart phone


The most simple way of transmission of files between mobile phone and mobile phone, mobile phones and

computers, mobile phones and tablet PCs.
Especially in the following situations:
1) In the case of network, such as aircraft, basement or no signal.
2) In the absence of any computer.
3) The transmission of video and pictures or share large files.

Micro-B USB interface, and data backup directly from the smart phone tablet
The dual-interface specification, can also be used on the computer
Can easily exchange data of each other smart phones