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Wireless Trolley Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker perfect for using indoors and outdoors by the pool or grilling. Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker is a 4″ portable loudspeaker with front flashing lights, True Wireless Stereo function & long battery life. Wirelessly connect two HF-S688 wireless trolley Bluetooth speakers, one speaker plays the left channel and the other plays the right, for incredible stereo separation. Set each speaker to play full stereo and place the speakers in different areas.

Description Compatibility

Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker product features

Bluetooth 4.2, 10m transmission distance.
High volume, color LED wireless Bluetooth FM radio HiFi sound quality. Portable design, vibration sound, button control, 3D surrounded sound, super bass.
Bluetooth, Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker supports audio cable connection, glare LED, ABS material. FM radio with rechargeable battery Support TF card/U disk/MP3 format, about 3 hours continuous playback time.
Compatible with a variety of Bluetooth devices, compatible with Android i0S and other smart platforms, free access to your phone for iPad, Notebook SPS, and other digital devices.

Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker product parameters

Name: Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker
Power supply: External battery Rated
battery capacity: 1200mAh
Speaker size: 4 inches
Power: 5W
Wireless version: 5.0
Frequency response range: 70Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 2(Ω)
Input power: DC5V-500MA
Appearance material: PP plastic
Playtime: 3H
transmission distance: 10M
Charging time: 3H

Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker application

Wireless trolley Bluetooth speaker can be used in square dance, morning exercises, promotions, street vendors, outdoor activities, families, etc.